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Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
today. i should tell you in an earlier hearing secretary panetta was testifying before the armed services committee, and he strongly endorsed your nomination. i think the record clearly shows that secretary panetta was very complimentary at your capabilities and experience. secondly, and this is not really a question, it is incredibly important for the cia to be as open, to be totally open with this committee. the reason is that there is no one else watching. typically in our country, where the public is involved, the press involved, there are a lot of people that have access to intermission to what the department of state or commerce is doing. this is a unique situation where this committee and house are the only places where they are paying attention in terms of separation of powers. it is not just nice to have that openness. it is critically important, and i hope you subscribe to that view. >> absolutely, i do. >> briefly, and i think senator warner touched on this, going forward, there needs to be some discussion with the department of defense about where the cia and the depa
Feb 7, 2013 8:00pm EST
hill hearing. leon panetta and martin dempsey testified about the benghazi attacks attacks. he accused susan rice of lying about the attacks when she appeared on the sunday tv talk shows last september. here is part of the questioning in that hearing. >> chairman dempsey, at the time of the meeting, would you have -- how would you have characterized the attack on the compound? >> i did not know. >> it could have been either one. >> that is right. >> it could have been spontaneous were preplanned. but i have to ask the same question, would you agree that was a preplanned attack? unequivocably? >> at the time, when this was going on, we were not sure was taking place. when i later found out that you had rpgs and there was an attack, there was no question in my mind. >> my position would be they knew that at the time because i have talked to several people that have stated they knew it. unequivocably that would have been a terrorist attack. the thing i am getting to come and do you agree that it was a terrorist attack? >> when i appeared before this committee three days afterwards
Feb 8, 2013 1:00am EST
to such a conclusion. i am a great admirer of secretary panetta. the great national security background. as you may remember, he was chairman of the budget committee in the house. he has a better handle on those issues than any other person. he is beside himself. he says shame on the congress. shame on all of us. there is absolutely no future and no particular -- and no future for defense contractors, waiting to see if we are going to go over another cliff. it is insane. in case you missed it, there was a favorability rating among or so ago. --a moth or so ago. did you know the, favorability of congress was the one below a colonoscopy? we deserve it. having said that, please have the president called us over to the white house, and sit down and try to solve this. can't we come to the white house and sit down and ellis' try that? what do we need to do? what do you want, and what do we want, and what is necessary? general them seem mentioned this morning in a hearing. we just cancel deployment of an aircraft carrier going to the middle east. the and know what the sailors do? they have canceled the le
Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
the problem. >> jack, in the armed services hearing last week secretary panetta testified that following his and general dempsey's 5:00 meeting after the benghazi attack, they had no further contact with the white house and it was their understanding that you, as chief of staff, the individual briefing the president. is that accurate? >> i did speak with the president that evening. the national security staff was working on the issue on a nonstop basis. >> who was briefing the president? were you? >> i was in the room when the president was briefed but i was not briefing the president. >> brennan said it wasn't him, secretary panetta said it wasn't him, ambassador kennedy said it wasn't him and the f.b.i. said it wasn't them. we have eliminated a lot of people who had contact with any intelligence community that knew first half hand about what was going on in benghazi. let me ask you again, who briefed the president on what was happening throughout the seven-hour period? >> in the conversations i was in the national security staff was present. >> was john brennan included in that? >> you're
Feb 13, 2013 1:00am EST
get to watch tv, but i have watched this closely on c-span. i think leon panetta has been a wonderful man, and also i think, you know, john kerry -- i listened to his, everything he said. thank god, he is a good man, he will be in a good position. anyway, but michelle has been a wonderful thing. i think their two beautiful children, i pray for them every day that god will keep them safe and give them a long and healthy life, protect them. also, i am not against barack obama. a lot of things he is doing correct. i do pray for his safety. the bible says to pray for those who are in authority. i am a believer in the bible. i know that god is watching over our country. i believe in the two-party system. in fact, i appreciate the independence i have heard on tv today and also joe lieberman, an independent in the state of connecticut. he is a wonderful man. so, i am not stuck on just being a republican. my parents raised us that way, but they were pretty independent toward others. we believe in loving one another. host: let's take a listen to one of the issues president obama spent time tal
Feb 15, 2013 1:00am EST
panetta announced the indefinite array of a a deployment in the middle east in development that was a darkly welcomed by the regime in tehran and egypt despite all the best hopes of the arab spring president morsi and the muslim brotherhood government has shown hostility toward the opposition groups and have taken an increasing bellicose tone towards our ally in israel. these developments require us to think long and hard as we will be sharing with them the controversial f-16 transfers and frankly i didn't agree with that but it's a tough area and i think if you look through that area, general austin you have iran and it maintains a determined to acquire nuclear weapons capability. it's been going on for a long time and we found our intelligence -- about the capability but they have developed so far. it's serious. and iraq are premature withdrawal has contributed to to a deteriorating situation and allowed al qaeda to establish a foothold in syria and assad's rain and brutality is claiming the lives of over 60,000 syrians and risks spilling into neighboring countries. in pa
Feb 14, 2013 1:00am EST
and saw the problem. >> secretary panetta testified they had no further contact with the white house after benghazi attack. were you briefing the president? >> i did speak with the president that evening. the national security staff was working on the issue. >> who was briefing the president? when thein teh roohe room president was briefed i did not brief the president. odmi hearings, tehe clapper said it was not him. several others said it was not them. we have eliminated a lot of people who contact within the intelligence community ben knew what was going on in benghazi. who briefed the president, was happening throughout this seven hour period? >> in the conversations i was in, the national security staff was president. >> would john brennan have been included? >> that is a different question. >> who was a primary point of contact in the intelligence community? >> i worked to the national security staff. >> was there anybody in the intelligence community in that briefing session? >> the intelligence community was in close touch on a near constant basis. >> if the affordable care act as
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7